Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Incey Wincey

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Nikon D70 @ 70 mm, 1/50 sec, f/11, ISO 200
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During an unscheduled coffee break at work yesterday I popped into the courtyard to catch some rays and hang out, and almost ruined this stunning spider's web. Somehow the creature had spun the biggest web I'd ever seen, attaching the various 'guy-ropes' to the table, a chair, and a couple of points on the sunshader umbrella. There was a gentle breeze that the web was catching like a sail, billowing ever so slightly. I'd never seen a web so big and was struck in awe of how spiders create them. It occurred to me that I've never seen any video of a spider building a web; how do they get the guy ropes out to the various points, and get them to stay there while they lay another, then hold them tight while they lay the web on top? I need to find this out.

He/she was sitting smack bang in the middle, poised to attack any unwitting prey. Someone twanged a strand gently and it was instantly moving, front sets of legs up like fangs, scuttling across in the direction of the vibrations... Spiders unsettle me, but they are beautiful.

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