Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Candyman After Dark

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Nikon D70 @ various settings
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This is a bit of a lazy post, but then I had a bit of a lazy day. This is the same collage from yesterday, but with some neon glow added to it via Photoshop, and whereas at least yesterday was a collage of actual photos, this genuinely is what I would call 'digital art'. I can't decide which I prefer - I love this one for the clarity and simplicity of the logos in neon, but I love the original for the colours and just the pure decadence of so much chocolate staring you in the face...

EDIT: After I made this version, I did a few other fun things to the basic image, so if you want to check out the rest in this series of chocolate wrapper naughtiness, it's over here! Don't blame me if you start getting cravings!

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