Monday, August 01, 2005

The Billy Show

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Nikon D70 @ various settings
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I'm afraid I've hardly taken any shots lately, hence the propensity of back-catalogue shots. I've had a lot of time off work and rather than get out and about I've lurked around the house surfing the net and generally taking life easy. Mind you, it has been chucking down with rain, and not just that thin rain that soaks you right through, but the really heavy, bouncing, torrential rain that soaks you right through.

But enough about the weather! Today I took a leaf out of John at The Daily Exposure's book and tried a collage of shots of Billy that I seem to have ended with from the Nigella wrap party last week. Along the way I realised that I really don't understand how Photoshop uses pixels and dimensions and PPI, especially when creating new, blank documents. Still, this seems to have worked!

I'm also having a fret on about backing up to CD, which I've realised I should probably do. I should probably just print the lot out and have a good old fashioned hardcopy backup!

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