Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lean On Me

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Nikon D70 @ 35 mm, 1/180 sec, f/4.2, ISO 400
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Went to Abney Cemetary in Stoke Newington this afternoon - an incredibly atmospheric old graveyard that's been left untended for decades and become hugely overgrown. It's public, and up until the last 20 years or so seems to have been in use. There are proper, woodchipped and gravelled paths, but even they are getting overgrown by bushes, winding ivy and wayward trees. Pick your way through them and you discover yet more crumbling, decrepit tombstones. The church at the centre of it is a hollow shell, the lead piping that held together the stained glass windows broken and dangling from the arches of where they once were.

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